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abcya: up to 20% off deal
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Founded in 2004 by public school teacher Alan Tortolani, ABCya is the cornerstone of educational websites for children ages 5-14. With a mission to provide children with fun and educational games, ABCya has grown into a platform beloved by teachers, parents, and kids.

ABCya was born from a simple need to create fun and educational materials for elementary school students. Alan Tortolani, a teacher himself, saw the potential in using interactive games as a teaching tool. Committed to making learning fun and accessible, Tortolani founded ABCya within his classroom and quickly noticed the positive impact it had on student engagement and learning outcomes. The platform is designed to make learning core subjects not only educational but also exciting.

From its humble beginnings in a Rhode Island classroom, ABCya quickly gained traction and expanded its influence around the world. The site currently offers over 400 games and apps covering a wide range of subjects including math, science, art, and English. Each game is designed by educational experts to ensure it meets curriculum standards and reinforces learning. As it continues to evolve, ABCya remains committed to providing high-quality educational content that is both fun and academically rigorous.

Competitive Advantages and Features
ABCya has several key advantages over other educational platforms.

1. Curriculum-based games: All ABCya games are created by educational experts and meet standard curriculum requirements, ensuring that play and learning go hand in hand.

2. Wide range of topics: ABCya offers games covering a wide range of topics for different interests and educational needs, making it a versatile tool for holistic learning.

3. Ad-free environment: ABCya offers an ad-free experience with a subscription model. This is especially important to keep children focused and ensure a safe online learning environment.

4. Regular updates: New games and features are added regularly to keep the content fresh and interesting, encouraging reuse and incremental learning.

5. Accessibility: The games are designed to be accessible on a variety of devices, including PCs, tablets and smartphones, making it easy for children to learn anytime, anywhere.

Returns and Exchange Policy
As a digital subscription service, ABCya does not offer a return policy in the traditional sense. However, a free trial period is offered that allows users to explore the platform before subscribing. This trial period is crucial for parents and educators to assess the value of the platform and ensure it meets the educational needs of their children and students.

Getting a good deal on ABCya in New Zealand
Parents and educators in New Zealand can make ABCya more affordable using several cost-saving strategies.

– Free trial: New users can take advantage of ABCya’s free trial to test the game before purchasing a subscription.

– Annual subscription: You can save significantly by choosing an annual subscription instead of paying monthly.

– Promotional discounts: ABCya offers promotional discounts from time to time, especially during back-to-school season and holidays.

Available discounts and redemption steps offers a range of promotional codes for ABCya subscriptions in New Zealand.

To redeem these discount codes on the ABCya website, follow these steps:

1. Visit and select a monthly or yearly subscription plan.

2. Register an account or log in to your existing account.
3. Proceed to the checkout page and enter the discount code in the designated field.
4. Make sure the discount has been applied before completing your subscription.