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Despite the introduction of eye surgery techniques such as Lasik and the use of contact lenses, eyeglasses have grown in popularity both in New Zealand and around the world. This is because glasses in New Zealand have beautiful frames, come in a variety of colors and shapes, and also correct vision and protect the eyes. SmartBuyGlasses offers a range of glasses to suit different needs. SmartBuyGlasses also works with different brands to ensure that SmartBuyGlasses customers get the best. SmartBuyGlasses has everything from Arnette, Ray-ban and Wayfarer glasses to Gucci and Michael Kors. Plus, SmartBuyGlasses offers deliveries to different parts of New Zealand, so you can be confident that your perfect pair of glasses will arrive where it’s most convenient for you.
history of glasses
While it’s unclear when and where spectacles were first used, many historians agree that the earliest recorded use of spectacles, or lenses, for magnification dates back to the Roman Empire. Roman scholars used sheets of glass attached to wood or leather to read scrolls with tiny writing.

The first wearable glasses appeared in Italy as early as the 13th century. Due to the huge changes glasses brought to the wearer, many people requested a pair for themselves, so since then, many companies have responded to the demand and started to manufacture and improve glasses to meet different preferences and needs.

Why glasses are an important accessory
Here are some of the reasons that make eyewear an essential accessory for people from all walks of life.

they correct vision
Certain health problems can impair vision, and one of the best ways to correct them is with prescription eyeglasses. Below are some examples of questions that require glasses.

Nearsightedness – also known as nearsightedness, is a common eye problem in which an individual cannot see objects clearly unless they are nearby. People with this disorder tend to perceive things as blurry when they are far away. Researchers believe about 30 per cent of New Zealanders suffer from some form of myopia. What’s more, by 2050, approximately 5 billion people worldwide will suffer from the disease.

Farsightedness – also known as farsightedness, is a condition in which an individual can see distant objects but tends to experience blurred vision when looking at near objects. This condition occurs when light is not refracted properly on the cornea due to an uneven surface or damage to the lens. Hypermetropia most commonly affects children, affecting 8% by age 6 and 1% by age 15. This condition becomes common again after individuals reach the age of 40.

Astigmatism – This is a common defect that causes the front surface of the eye or the inner lens to bend. The result of this curvature is that the individual cannot have a clear vision. People with this condition may experience blurred, blurred, or distorted vision. Astigmatism can develop from birth, or it can be the result of an eye injury or some type of surgery. Certain diseases can lead to the development of this condition.

Eye Injuries – Eye injuries can happen to anyone at any time, and while some injuries heal completely, others leave vision problems behind. Glasses may be one of the most effective ways to correct vision problems caused by injury.